Foods to Make Your Breasts Bigger

Breast enlargement pumps have been around for quite some time. You would be surprised to learn that an earlier prototype was a foot operated breast enlargement pump. It was very popular with around 4 million women in the United States in the 1970s. They cost $9.95 and worked by pumping the attached pedal to create suction on the breasts. Unfortunately, they were not very successful and caused a lot of bruising.

Today you can purchase breast enhancement pumps for less than $50. They are simple, manual devices that consist of plastic domes that you place over the breasts, with a hand pump attached through tubing to create suction. Air is sucked out of the domes and this causes the breasts to be pulled outwards.

The effect of suction on the breasts encourages blood circulation and the flow of fats and nutrients into the vacuum created when you stretch the cells. Breast enlargement pumps work on the principle of tension-induced tissue growth. Physicians in many forms of reconstructive surgery have used the principle of tissue expansion for over 30 years. Much like exercising the muscles, the process encourages a steady growth of breast tissue resulting in gradual breast size increase.

All breast enlargement pumps come with a choice of different cup sizes, depending on your breast size. You will gradually work your way through the cup sizes until you reach your desired size. The amount of time that you use the breast enlargement pump varies anywhere from 15 minute sessions, several times per day, to wearing them all night long. The choice of pump is up to the individual.

There is enough solid evidence to show that breast enlargement pumps work very effectively. The FDA has even approved one of these systems, the Brava Breast pump. They are a non-invasive method of breast enlargement that has become very popular with women who choose not to have surgery. There are many different types of pumps and the most expensive device is not necessarily the best. Find the pump that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

If you asked any number of women about whether they were happy with the size of their breasts, I’d happily bet that 9/10 of them will want them to be bigger or more round. Having small and under developed breasts is a huge problem which affects millions of women throughout the world, but it’s one which you can cure by eating certain types of foods.
In order to make your breasts grow naturally, you need to be able to boost the level of Estrogen in your body. Estrogen is a powerful hormone which gives us all our womanly features when we go through puberty – from our menstrual cycle to the development of our breasts. Unfortunately for most women, puberty ends
the breasts can properly form, meaning that you’re left with small ones. However, if you increase the level of Estrogen, you can bring back the conditions your body had in puberty, making it grow your breasts by 1-2 cup sizes.
Because Estrogen is a naturally occurring substance, you can get it from many different plants, herbs & foods. In “the wild”, it’s comes in the form of Phyto-Estrogen (literally translated as “plant-estrogen”)… and you can get it from these foods:
These aren’t part of your typical Western Diet, but they contain some of the highest levels of Estrogen you can get from plants. By putting these seeds into a salad or some other meal, you can actually gain a lot of the breast-growth hormones from it. Flax Seeds contain the most potent amount of Estrogen from any natural food source.
These are present in many meals you can make at home, making them an ideal candidate to add more Estrogen into your diet. Although they don’t have as much Estrogen inside as Flax Seeds, they are quite potent… making them extremely beneficial if you want to grow bigger breasts.
This is loved and hated by millions, but it has the third-highest concentration of Estrogen in any food in the world. There are a lot of Tofu-based dishes you can make, which makes this one of the most effective foods for breast growth.