Naturally Increase Your Breast Size With These Tips

Natural breast augmentation almost sounds like an oxymoron. These days, most savvy women know that the silly pills and lotions don't work. The only way to get bigger breasts is with surgery, right? Wrong. There is a way to get larger breasts naturally.

Here's a quiz question for you: What happens you combine the proper use of readily available and completely safe natural phytoestrogenic herbs with breast massage and a few other completely natural techniques?

Here's the answer: You experience breast growth.

People mistakenly believe that there are two choices if you want to get "a little more up top". They think you either need to schedule that dreaded appointment with the cosmetic surgeon or that you have to roll the dice with crummy breast enhancement products and keep your fingers crossed in hopes of a miracle.

In reality, there is a third choice. You don't hear as much about natural breast enlargement techniques as you do about surgery or those over-advertised breast creams, but it works like a charm for countless women. Did you know that nearly two-thirds of women who have "gone natural" report significant changes in only a few months? We're talking real change here, people.

Before you buy some fly-by-night product or prepare to spend a good-sized chunk of your life savings on plastic surgery, consider your third choice: Natural breast augmentation. If you do your homework and hook up with a smart plan, you can finally get the figure you've been wanting for so long. The surgeon and the fad product aren't your only two choices!

There are many foods that can be eaten that will for some women, naturally increase breast size. Not all women will respond mind you, but if you’re looking for ways around surgery, or purchasing supplementation; these foods may just give your breasts the boost they need.
Whole Grains
Most of us get plenty of whole grain in our diet, however, you can never get too much. Whole grains have been found to increase estrogen in the human body. This of course, is not the best news the men in our lives could ever hear, but great for women seeking to naturally increase breast size. Make sure to include whole grain enriched foods like breads, cereal and legumes.
Flax, just like whole grains is a natural estrogen enhancer. It’s a Phytoestrogen, which is a naturally occurring hormone in plant sources. Aside from the hormone increasing benefits, the fiber in flax and whole grains will also help balance the hormone levels in your body. Basically, if you’re not getting enough fiber, you may have too many hormones circulating around, creating an imbalance.
Fruits & Veggies
They also contain plenty of fiber, which as already mentioned — helps keep your hormone levels balanced. Part of creating a proper balance is also about having the required amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly and cleanse itself.
Other Methods
There are a variety of supplements out there that will naturally increase breast size. They mainly contain plant-based estrogen from whole grains and flax-seed. As mentioned above, these Phytoestrogens increase natural estrogen levels, making the breasts swell, similar to when a woman becomes pregnant.
Not to many people need to have surgery mentioned to them, as it isn’t at all natural, but other than weight gain, estrogen supplementation and wardrobe selection — surgery is a final consideration for larger breasts.